Blackspot is taken from The Monopoly of Legitimate Use; Written, Directed and Produced by: Tobias Revell; Director of Photography: Joseph Popper; Woman: Emma Kelly; Others: Cat Kiiza, Ian Macnaughton, Andres Ayerbe; Taxi Driver: M. Phillips; Assistance: Ian Hutchinson; Makeup: Hannah Kirk; Originally a commission for HOUSE Festival 2014 with Lighthouse Arts; With thanks to Superflux and LCC Design for Interaction and Moving Image.

Film (6:30), map

The Monopoly of Legitimate Use takes the very physical notion of inhabiting a space or territory into the technological world, where networks can form political territories and places where people can gather and align themselves to particular ideological beliefs. Project raise questions about the tools and methods we use to identify ourselves politically as well as the rebalance of control caused by network technology that is simultaneously globalising and localising.

In Blackspot, a businesswoman leaves the City in search of a blackspot, a near-fabled place where network coverage drops out

so that she can receive a secret and important message over an independent mesh network. Blackspot looks at how moving through physical space can also mean moving through networked space and in an age of privacy concerns and overt sharing, the use of this space become more important.