Authors: Ivica Mitrović and Oleg Šuran (Arts Academy, University of Split); Director and Editor: Glorija Lizde; Camera: Andrea Kaštelan; Sound: Marko Jukić; Cast: Oleg Šuran, Matko Elezović, Nikola Marangunić, Maja Petrić, Mario Raguž, Ivana Kevo, Ivica Mitrović, Nikša Vukša; VFX: Jakov Šuran; Costume Designers: Margita Videtić and Katarina Bilan; Props: Oleg Šuran and Ivica Mitrović; Based on Čekingrad (Jernej Kejžar, Nera Nejašmić, Oleg Šuran; Nelly Ben Hayoun; Ivica Mitrović; Interakcije, UMAS, 2011).

Video (4:41), samples box, cigarette pack, mobile, accreditation

Eutropia is a city with more than 300.000 inhabitants, located on the northern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Surely, the mention of this city, to every average post-liberal European, causes a little bit of jealousy. Thanks to the excellent entrepreneurial and political capabilities of the city authorities, for nearly 30 years this city-state has lived in total material security and prosperity.

During the Great World Recession of the 21st century, the authorities of the City of Eutropia signed an exclusive agreement with a consortium of mega corporations trading the vast amounts of information the city generates. During the 10 years investment, Eutropia has been provided with the latest infrastructure to collect all data generated by its citizens (from private housing to public institutions, facilities for rest and entertainment, work spaces, and public spaces). The local government maintains the system integrity and helps with the collection of data, together with the citizens who provide a constant stream of information.

The new economy of the city is based on data and its export. Through the exportation of data the city has secured independence and well-being for all its inhabitants. This is a city with no unemployment, a city in which no one needs to work.

In Eutopia “privacy” is just an ideological delusion.