Exhibition hosting


The entire exhibition is designed and planned to be easily portable.

It comes in eight large crates (max dimensions 1.136 × 676 × 890 mm and 300 × 900 × 1.886 mm). Exhibition set-up consists of ten specially designed stands, most of which have integrated displays (tablet devices), with the affiliated artifacts.


Included are nine billboards which show background and/or additional information about the works. Also included are other necessary exhibition items (projector stands, catalogues / brochures and billboards with information about the exhibition). The BetaCity comes as an interactive installation (equipment included) as well as a simple billboard with projection set-up.

The City | Data | Future catalogue is a 68 page book that contains several texts regarding the exhibits, exhibition themes, methodology and the UrbanIxD project.

Gallery costs include printing and cutting informative content for the gallery walls (transparencie prints and vinyl stickers), leaflet printing and any additional unforeseen gallery expenses.

An accompanying lecture The City | Data | Future – Interactions in the hybrid urban space is also possible. The lecture introduces the exhibition and discussions related to the exhibition themes, and also addresses the speculative methodologies and practices that informed the making of the works.

For further details and information, please contact info@urbanixd.eu.