List of accepted Posters for the UrbanIxD Symposium

List of Posters

  • Allegory of the past for reality of the future – Hadzic Ena, Ibrahimpasic Maja
  • Augmented Urban Experience through Mediated Spatial Narratives – Ava Fatah gen. Schieck, Ana Maria Moutinho, Efsathia Kostopoulou, Russell Freeman, Shanaka Senevirathne, Chirag Grover
  • Automated Trust Machine 101 – Alastair Steele
  • BIRLOKI system: an Urban Space Activator for the Singapore Smart City – Sara Lenzi, Juan Sádaba
  • Bournemouth Digital Pier: Creative, Digital and IT (CDIT) cluster – Steve Brewer, David Rees, Jeremy Frey
  • Case Study: Taste The City – Bastien Kerspern, Grégoire Cliquet
  • CityTracing – Andrew Wilson, Paola Zanotto
  • Composing our urban interactions : the Universal Composition Lab at UCL – Sara Adhitya
  • CONTACT: Facilitating Information Sharing Between Strangers Using Hyperlocal Community Wireless Networks – Panayotis Antoniadis, Ileana Apostol, Andreas Unteidig, Gesche Joost
  • Creating New Forms of Urban Experience. The case study “Neighborfood” – Sonia Massari
  • Fluidity: a Case Study of Interactive Installation in the City’s Public Spaces – Gloria Ronchi, Claudio Benghi
  • Hashtag-City: Constructing a New Public Space at Civic Square in São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Brazil – Evandro Fiorin, Julia Amarante de Souza, Tâmara Rodrigues Moreno
  • Participatory Citizens & Hybrid Cities: Imagining Green Spaces in Manchester’s Northern Quarter – Rebecca Taylor, Michael Stead
  • Rethinking Interaction Design for Hybrid Urban Space – Matthias Wölfel, Ulrich Gehmann, Marco Zampella
  • Tactics for the Library in the Augmented City – Siri Johansson
  • (un)tethered polyphonies – Paolo Patelli