MoMi: Ministry of Misinformation

Authors: Robert Cloud, Sergio Galán Nieto, Han Pham; Atelier leader: Chris Hand; Atelier coordinator: Hrvoje Živčić; Poster design: Carmen Alía G. Ruiz.

Video (3:03), posters

Distorting Data is Distorting the Reality. People Rule.

People are flowing into the future city, and so is the wave of data they bring. The data flows over the city, sticking to the physical. Layers and layers of pixels over the old bricks, transforming our streets, hiding in our homes, showing up on store shelves, manifesting desires, calculating possible behaviours, driving decisions. But what if people become discontented with this future in which big data becomes inextricably enmeshed with the realities, desires and decisions of those living in the physical world? If increasing amounts of data flow into the city, how does it change how we relate to the city and who is using this data to influence us? Is there still room for democracy in a world of digitised decisions?

The Ministry of Misinformation is an emergent, populist digital DIY movement to distort reality by distorting urban data. Everyday people are using MoMi tactics and benevolent (and mischievous) acts of misinformation to influence their world by adding surprise back into the mix. How can you hack how people relate to and create the virtual and physical by distorting data? Welcome to the Ministry of Misinformation. Data, fiction and reality merge in a world you cannot just trust. Reality is what you make it.

Our Manifesto: You are a part of this. We are everybody, everywhere. You are us, even if you don’t know it.

Ministry of Misinformation