Symposium programme

This interdisciplinary symposium is aimed at participants from domains such as: Design, Interaction Design, Architecture, Urban Design & Planning, Media Architecture, New Media Art, Sociology, Anthropology & other related fields. All accepted work will be published online after the symposium at

Draft programme, subject to change

During lunch and after the symposium there will be time to visit the UrbanIxD exhibition, view the posters and talk to the poster authors.


Keynote: Dan Hill

Position Paper presentations

  • Augmenting Urban Experiences : From Interface To Interspace – Carola Moujan
  • Post-Optimal Cities – Paolo Patelli
  • A Closer Look at the UrbanIxD Summer School Design Fictions through the Meta-Lens of Agonism and Dissensus – Søren Rosenbak
  • Design as Curator for Urban Discourses – Andreas Unteidig, Gesche Joost


Case studies and design practice paper presentations

  • Contextual design research towards a new relationship among space, people and technology in a smart city – Assunta Matassa, Rossana Simeoni
  • Exploring Design Seeds for Urban Transformation – Pietro Costa, Vanessa De Luca, Michele Zannoni
  • Connect or Not: Exploring Seamless Infrastructures Through Out-Bodied Interaction – Selena Savic, Jeffrey Huang
  • When the Networks Collapse, Gaps Take Over – Nikola Bojic

Panel Discussion – chaired by Martin Brynskov

  • Dave Carter, Centre for Urban Policy Studies, University of Manchester, UK
  • Paul Dourish, University of California, Irvine, USA
  • Martijn de Waal, The Mobile City, the Netherlands
  • Lea Rekow, Green My Favela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Tobias Revell, ARUP, Superflux, The Royal College of Art, UK

Closing networking session with drinks (hosted by Media Architecture Biennale 2014).

Many of the UrbanIxD advisory board members will be attending this symposium, so this will be an opportunity for networking and discussion of the emerging themes that the UrbanIxD project has addressed. See the full list of advisory board members here: