The Future Cloud is Buried

Authors: Soeren Rosenbak, Andreas Foerster, Leyla Nasibova; Atelier leader: Gordan Savičić; Atelier coordinator: Hrvoje Kedžo; Artefacts, video and poster design: Oleg Šuran.

Video (1:37, loop), gloves, model, poster

The Future Cloud is Buried is exploring and challenging our notions of what ‘the cloud’ really is and how this understanding shapes our choices of what to save and where to save it.

In 2030 people asked themselves: What data do we value so much that we will take it off-grid and store it locally in our very own cloud, buried underground?

Twenty years later people are enjoying this decision greatly as they can access the buried cloud through a specially designed interface that uses personal DNA recognition. However, a new bio-hacking tourism industry has emerged that replicates this DNA interface for anyone, at a price. A local drug scene is also blossoming as people have created illicit ways to access this precious store of experiences from the past.